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Grandcomal Real estate

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Dear customer you can choose the websites below to make subwebsite, according to your wishes ..
with provisions do not violate the law in all countries, among others:
1)to distribute / sell marijuana and similar
2)images / vidio porno
3)abuse of a religion
4)cheating in business
5)illegal weapons (guns / bombs)
6)teaching for a terrorist act
7)teaching rebellion against the government 
8)sales facilities teenage girl / women
9)gambling facilities 
and so the law prohibited

We reserve the right to delete without prior notice and provide reasons if it violates rules

You can share photo / video
business promotion

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+6281911433301, type and write a list of 
websites where you choose.
write: name, address, email address 
(the address and false data will not be served). 
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